Welcome to Running Repairs

My name is David Harvey and I am a qualified Sports and Remedial Massage Practitioner.

I trained at the London School of Sports Massage, graduating with a BTEC Diploma in Sports and Remedial Massage in October 2004.

I am trained to offer a variety Massage techniques including effluerage and petrissage, deep friction, Soft Tissue Release, Muscle Energy Technique, Neuromuscular Technique and Connective Tissue Manipulation.

When not providing treatments, I am a keen runner and have taken part in 5 London Marathons as well as many shorter distance races. In 2007, I joined the Pirate Ship of Fools and completed my 1st Ironman, in Klagenfurt, Austria. Since then I've returned to the Ironman challenge 3 more times; 2008 IM France, 2009 IM Switzerland and 2013 Challenge Vichy.  In 2010, I completed the Transalpine Run; a multiple stage race covering 3 countries and over 300km in 8 days.


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